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The Generous People and Organisations Behind Our Back

Grateful for Your Support 

Circle F Horse Rescue equine rescue and rehabilitation programmes in Abbotsford, British Columbia will not be possible without the help of our ever supportive and compassionate friends and donors. We would like to thank the following:


Corporate and Business Sponsors

  • Aldergrove Credit Union

  • Glass World

  • Glen Valley Stables 

  • Marek Malewicz

  • Nag Bags

  • Nixon Equine 

  • Canadian Horse Defence Coalition

  • Canadian Horse Journal

  • Thunderbird Show Park Ltd. 

  • Past Tense Yoga

  • Paton and Martin Veterinary Services

  • Saxon Mechanical

  • Stevenson Developments 

  • Target Products Aldergrove

  • Wrayton Transport and Hay Sales

  • Horse Protection Society 


Personal Donors and Sponsors

  • Linda-Ann Bowling

  • Brandy Byhoffer

  • Valerie Byhoffer

  • Astrid Dimond

  • Cameron Friesen

  • Sherri Friesen

  • Marcia Hirtle

  • Marietta Kozak

  • Karen Madsen

  • Jennifer Nixon 

  • Julie Ormiston

  • Walter Paetkau

  • Dr. Lynn Piche

  • Brenda and Michael Roder

  • Laurie Ruppel 

  • Anne Schultz

  • Joy Tataryn

  • Bryan Vedder

  • Daryl Waddell

  • Charles Edward Walker 

  • Shelagh Niblock


Gift-in-Kind Business Donors

  • Abby Saddle Shop

  • Ainsley Beauchamp

  • Capilano Suspension Bridge

  • Cavallo Horse and Rider 

  • Diane Kubas

  • Fluidity Equine Therapy

  • Fraser Valley Building Supplies

  • Glen Valley Stables 

  • Leah Taylor- Clever Riding

  • Mainland Sand and Gravel

  • Marv’s Contracting

  • Maple Leaf Disposal 

  • New Foundation Natural Horsemanship

  • Sundance Guest Ranch

  • Reed Holdings


Foundations and Grants

  • Abbotsford Community Foundation – Mary Wakefield Animal Welfare Grant

  • Envision Financial Employees' Endowment Grant

  • We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.

  • Vancouver Foundation

Circle F Horse Rescue

We are an insured company.

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